On the Streets

Sunday sees us not just on any old street but on Cowley Road, helping play in the start of the annual carnival from outside the City Arms pub where Magdalen Street joins Cowley Road. We’re on at 11:45am, which we appreciate will sound early to some of our friends. However, it is ideal timing to watch our set and then get in position for watching the procession so no excuses!


For a Good Cause

We’re on again tomorrow night at Donnington Community Centre (Townsend Square, OX4 4BB). The Donnington Doorstep charity does excellent work in the local community and the event raises funds for that. It’s also a chance to hear all sorts of local musicians (including your friendly neighbourhood String Project).

The event¬†runs from 2pm – 10pm and we’re on sometime mid-evening.

Reading Music

Does it tell you everything you need to know about English (inglish) that there is no easy way to tell from that title if this post is about following the dots or an event happening near a town in Berkshire? In this case, it’s the latter:


We’re due on at about 8pm but, as you can see from the poster, music goes on from late afternoon until early evening. You can even camp!

All will be very well.

And Furry Again…

It’s about time we did a gig again so, masters of originality, we’re back at the Furry Mic night again tomorrow. The String Project is due on just before 10pm but the evening starts shortly after 8pm so do come along early. The Christmas special was at the James Street Tavern but this is back to the Furry’s regular venue of the Mad Hatters (43 Iffley Road). Free entry (although there will be a collection going around for a local worthy cause – not just a community event but one with a generous heart too).

Should be Furry Nice

This autumn has mainly been about tweaking and thus fairly quiet on the gig front. We’ve said goodbye the to inimitable Martin Ash, who might be back as a guest from time to time but has a somewhat busy schedule with a couple of highly active bands and his other wide-ranging musical activities. To balance that, we’ve welcomed Harry back on vocals and also a lot of keyboarding. Also, rather than trying to find another string player to even attempt to fill Martin’s boots, we’re experimenting with Dan breaking out his flute skills to add another melody voice.

As you can imagine, this involves a fair amount of rehearsing to fit existing material around the line-up and to work on one or two new things too but we’re finally ready to take the covers off. This week we’re doing a short guest slot at the Furry Mic session. That normally takes place on Iffley Road but this week is at the James Street Tavern. Yep, the one in James Street, East Oxford.

Yes, you’ve probably seen us there before but not quite like this, so pop down this Wednesday and make sure you’re there before 9:45pm when we’re due on. Make it simple and just get there for 8:30pm, when the session starts (free entry). Back in the game!

Exciting Outing in East Oxford

Our next outing promises to be fascinating as there’s a good chance we won’t be the most left-field band on the bill. Okay, Platypus (who we supported at Jamboree in London in May) were also somewhere out there but, if you are in Oxford on 22 October, you can see us supporting Penny Rimbaud, Eve Libertine and Louise Elliot at East Oxford Community Centre.

Rimbaud and Libertine were part of seminal punk band Crass about 40 years ago and have kept on pushing creative boundaries. Teamed with saxophonist Elliot they are going to perform The Poetry of Jazz and the Jazz of Poetry. Meanwhile, the ‘Project will be doing their thing helped by a couple of special guests.

Tickets are £8.50 on the door and you can keep up to date on the Facebook page for the event.